SMS vs WhatsApp API, which one suits your business best?

SMS API is one of the most commonly used mass messaging tools. It has the advantages of easy access and wide coverage and can be received anywhere in the world with the signal as long as you have a mobile phone.

With the development of internet technology, more and more information channels have emerged as new choices for message dissemination. WhatsApp is a social application that allows users to send and receive text and voice messages, make voice and video calls, share media and documents, etc. Since its launch in 2009, it has quickly become one of the most widely used messaging applications in the world, especially in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. As of 2023, it has more than 2.24 billion active users. 

Today, we will compare these two commonly used information channels, SMS API and WhatsApp API, let’s find out which one is best for your business!

SMS API vs WhatsApp API

01 Deployment:

In this part, we will compare the characteristics of SMS mass messaging and WhatsApp mass messaging from two aspects: stability and interaction.

In terms of stability, the quality of SMS mass messaging is affected by the differences in channel quality and destination infrastructure, and the sender cannot know the reception and reading situation of the information.

WhatsApp’s message-sending quality is fast and stable, and the messages are sent end-to-end encrypted, which will not affect the broadcast effect if intercepted. The sender can see the read receipt of the message to better control the sending data.

In terms of interaction, SMS mass messaging is mainly one-way downlink messages, If you want to get user feedback, you need to provide customized landing pages for corresponding needs through short links. Yunpian supports customers to send messages to multiple countries, supports adding multiple anti-harassment short links, and sets the language of landing pages according to different countries. It avoids disturbing disinterested customers and avoids user complaints.

WhatsApp supports two-way instant replies, is not limited by the hardware conditions of the channel, and can respond to customer needs in a timely manner, allowing you not to miss any business opportunities.

In areas with higher penetration rates of WhatsApp, WhatsApp’s efficient information transmission efficiency and wide user base provide natural business advantages for users. Conversely, SMS is still the most reliable choice.

02 Pricing:

As a messaging product, the price of mass messaging is often one of the most important factors that businesses s are concerned about. SMS mass messaging and WhatsApp mass messaging have different pricing methods.

The pricing method of SMS mass messaging is determined by the quantity and sending country. Generally speaking, the larger the volume of messages published, the lower the price.

As for WhatsApp API, the price of mass messaging is determined by the category of the messages. In early 2023, Meta updated the pricing rules for WhatsApp API, further refining the messages initiated by businesses into marketing messages, utility messages, and authentication messages. The prices of the last two types of messages were greatly reduced, up to 80%.

Different from the per-message pricing of SMS mass messaging, WhatsApp charges based on the number of sessions, which means that within the 24-hour session window, no matter how many times the user and the enterprise have messaged each other, they are charged for one session.

Meta also stipulates that each WhatsApp business account can receive 1,000 free services or user-initiated conversations per month, and conversations initiated by users from Facebook to WhatsApp and businesses will not be charged.

Generally speaking, when the scale of mass messaging is relatively large, SMS mass messaging is more favorable, while when the type of information sent is mainly OTP messages and notification messages (such as logistics notifications, order notifications, etc.), WhatsApp is definitely the most favorable choice.

At the same time, prices also vary in different countries. In regions such as China, the United States, and Canada, SMS prices are low and WhatsApp is not the mainstream communication software, so SMS mass messaging is more effective. In regions such as India, Indonesia, Turkey, and Colombia, WhatsApp has a high penetration rate, and the price of sending messages through WhatsApp API is lower, so the advantages of WhatsApp are obvious.

03 Content:

SMS mass messaging usually has a limit of 160 characters and supports only text and short links. If you need to match picture and video content, you need to choose the more expensive super SMS.

The character limit of WhatsApp is greater than 1,024 characters, which can basically fully meet the various copywriting needs of enterprise promotion, including text, pictures, videos, documents, etc. WhatsApp also supports interactive template message interactive responses. For example, businesses can send notifications with button menus to allow customers to choose between confirming package delivery or rearranging package delivery.

04 Service:

Compared with the simple information transmission attribute of SMS, with the API interface provided by YCloud, WhatsApp can empower business accounts with more diverse customer service functions. It can support an unlimited number of people, and team members can use the same WhatsApp Business account to log in to multiple devices at the same time to chat with customers, helping companies provide high-quality and thoughtful customer service.

YCloud’s Inbox service provides you with a professional and reliable WhatsApp business API customer service information processing platform. 

SMS vs WhatsApp, which one should companies choose?

It can be seen that international SMS mass messaging and WhatsApp API mass messaging have their own characteristics, and you need to choose according to usage scenarios and needs.

As a multi-year information service provider for businesses, YCloud has accumulated rich experience in the international communication field. We recommend that companies adopt a combination of SMS mass messaging and WhatsApp mass messaging:

  1. You can choose WhatsApp or SMS as the main communication method based on the coverage of WhatsApp in different countries.
  2. If you need more flexible and diverse product content presentation and tracking data statistics after sending, you can choose to access WhatsApp API mass messaging.
  3. For small and medium-sized enterprises and Ecommerce Websites, WhatsApp API has greater commercial value. You can use WhatsApp API to integrate marketing, verification, notification, and customer service functions, saving a lot of operating costs.

Note: You must use regular API service providers to ensure that you can have comprehensive and thoughtful WhatsApp API services.

As the first batch of strategic partners of WhatsApp, YCloud is committed to enabling companies to connect and interact with 2.4 billion WhatsApp users worldwide quickly and easily. In addition to helping companies create WhatsApp business accounts and providing API services based on WhatsApp, we have also developed many out-of-the-box tools:

  1. Out-of-the-box mass messaging tools.
  2. WhatsApp-based customer service platform.
  3. WhatsApp-based QR code, the short link, and chat component tools that are safe, compliant, and can collect customer lists.
  4. WhatsApp business account contact management tool.
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